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PayG System

Nur Power's PAYG system makes it easy for families to afford this essential service!

Pay As You Go

Clean Energy

NurPower's Systems utilise solar technology to provide clean, realiable and cost effective energy.

Enjoy the health benifits of Clean Energy!

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Our Energy systems are more affordable (@LCOE) than the electricity grid.

Easy Payment Plan

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How NurPower PAYG Works

Nur Power’s PAYG System is easy to use;

  • Users Purchases energy credit through electronic payment, once system is activated each credit will last according to credit purchased.

  • User will be notified of credit amount and activation code.

  • Once the user receives the validation code, the system checks for any incongruity.

  • Once all checks and balances are completed by the system, it will be activated for the credit worth of supply.

Nur Power – Helping meet the world’s energy needs

Solar energy reserves
Average Surface Solar Irradiance !

What Makes Nur Power Different?


We at Nur Power believe people at the base of the economic pyramid deserve to have the energy freedom to enjoy clean zero emission power without the hefty price tag. At Nur Power we develop intelligent electronic systems combined with efficient long lasting Lithium (LifePo4) batteries to enable energy storage. Coupled with our optional PAYG enabled devices everybody can now afford clean energy to electrify their homes.

Nur Power doesn’t compromise on quality. Therefore to maintain our high standard we undertake a sound engineering methodology to designing our systems.

• We only use efficient reliable long lasting lithium battery technology

• Our Systems are Integrated and Scalable

• Incorporated Predictive self diagnostic

• Remote monitoring integrated with back-end

• Plug and Play system design

• Maintenance Free systems

• Intelligent battery management technology