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Nur Power is a leading energy Solutions Company that empowers the developing world by harnessing the power of the Sun. Nur Power offers both outright and Pay-Go solar home systems technology, Pay-Go integration into existing systems and cost saving and reliable electrical home solutions.

Nur Power was established by a team of Entrepreneurs and Electrical Engineers to help solve the world’s energy crisis. Currently there are an estimated 1.3 Billion people without power which is 20% of the world’s population with most of them residing in rural parts of Africa or South Asia. Whilst urban electrification has been adapted at a greater rate the electricity grid lacks the capability to meet the demand with daily outages a common scene in most cities, towns and villages. We can minimize the burden on the network by providing robust hybrid solution through alternative energy supply


We are a technology driven company with emphasis on sustainable, renewable and cost effective energy solutions. We offer a wide range of products to suit the energy demand needs of the developing world. We alongside our partners design, prototype, test and produce innovative energy solution products. By understanding the needs of our customers we can tap into our knowledge base and cater to the needs of those at the base of the pyramid we call this the Nur Solution.


Nur Power is dedicated to the following values:

  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Delivering quality products
  • Community Engagement
  • Strong Partnership with investors