• ARM 32 bit Microcontroller
  • Integrates and controls all the components of the STIMA DC unit.
  • Fault Management


  • LifePo4 battery with inbuilt Battery Management System (BMS).
  • Protection: under and over voltage cutoff, Overcurrent and short circuit protection.

Intelligent LifePo4 MPPT Charge Controller

  • A Buck-Boost switching regulator battery charger implements a Constant-Current Constant-Voltage (CCCV) charging algorithm.
  • MPPT ensures you get the most out of your panel.

Electronic Switchers

  • Electronic Load Switches provide full protection from excess Current conditions.

Dual USB Switches

  • Dual USB switches can provide up to a max of 2 Amps each.


1 x Nur Power Stima DC Battery Unit (5AH , 10AH or 20AH Battery).

1 x Nur Power 50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

4 x LED cables with switch and E27 holder/base.

2 x 3W and 2 x 5W Nur Power LED Bulbs

1 x 4 Way 12v DC cable (converts the existing 12VDC port to 4 ports)


Technical Specs
StimaDC Brochure

Nur Power Only Uses Lithium Ion Batteries

Many companies claim to supply reliable renewable energy to areas with poor or no grid connection at all and unfortunately nearly all those companies use lead acid battery which has (at best) a lifecycle of 500 at 50% DoD when temperatures reach 30 Degrees or above. Studies have shown that a significant portion of the world’s population is exposed to temperatures that exceed 30°C and that due to solar insolation in-house temperatures can reach as much as 10°C more than the ambient temperature this all equates to solar storage systems that fail within a year that’s why at Nur Power we only use reliable long lasting lithium ion batteries to ensure longevity.

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